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Pizzas - Mama Kim's Pizza

The Cajun


Tomato sauce, andouille sausage, Mama Lil's spicy red peppers, onions, mozzarella & parmesan cheese and a side of Geo's Uyuyuii!! Hot Sauce.

Photo shows regular hand tossed crust.

Pizza Crust:Gluten Free Crust Regular Crust(Not GF)
Pizza Toppings - Proteins:pepperoni +$1.50smoked salmon +$1.50pork +$1.50bacon +$1.50andouille sausage +$1.50hickory ham +$1.50
Pizza Toppings - Veggies:black olives +$1mushrooms +$1red bell pepper +$1green bell pepper +$1Mama Lils' Spicy Red Peppers +$1capers +$1marinated artichoke hearts +$1onions +$1pineapple +$1roasted garlic +$1fresh basil +$1dill pickles +$1
Pizza Toppings - Cheese:Mozzarella Cheese +$1Parmesan Cheese +$1Goat Cheese +$1Swiss Cheese +$1
Extra Sauces:Pizza Sauce +$0.50Mustard Sauce +$0.50Pesto Sauce +$0.50Geo's Uyuyuii!! Hot Sauce +$0.50Spicy Cajun Mayo +$0.50Garlic-cilantro Aioli +$0.50

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