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Tampa Cubano


This sandwich is just like a regular Cubano with ham, pork, Swiss cheese, dill pickles, mustard and mayo on Cuban bread. The twist is the addition of Genoa salami. There is an ongoing debate among Floridians as to which is the best. Give it a try and tell us what youย think.

Extra Sauce:Spicy Cajun Mayo +$0.50Garlic Cilantro Aioli +$0.50Uyuyuii!! Hot Sauce +$0.50Mustard +$0.50Mayo +$0.50Ketchup +$0.50Salad Dressing +$0.50
Remove from Cubano:mayo mustard Swiss cheese ham pork pickles
Sub for yuca (*Optional, choose one):Tostones +$2Maduros +$2Cajun Fries +$2French Fries +$2Salad +$2Moros +$2Black Beans +$2
Add to Sandwich:Avocado +$2.50Swiss Cheese +$1Genoa Salami +$1.50Bacon Crumbles +$1.50Hickory Ham +$1.50Pickles +$0.50Lettuce +$0.50Tomato +$0.50Onion +$0.50

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