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Cuban style slow roast pork, hickory smoked ham, Swiss cheese, dill pickles, mustard & mayo, on traditional Cuban bread. Pressed. **The classic Cuban sandwich! Served with yuca fries and garlic cilantro aioli.

Sub for yuca (*Optional, choose one):Tostones +2Maduros +2Cajun Fries +2French Fries +2Salad +2Moros +2Black Beans +2
Extra Sauce:Spicy Cajun Mayo +0.50Garlic Cilantro Aioli +0.50Uyuyuii!! Hot Sauce +0.50Mustard +0.50Mayo +0.50Ketchup +0.50Salad Dressing +0.50
Remove from Cubano:mayo mustard Swiss cheese ham pork pickles

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