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Pizzas - Mama Kim's Pizza

Build Your Own Pizza


Create your own pizza masterpiece. Start with your choice of pizza crust and sauce. Add your favorite toppings. We'll add the Mozzarella cheese.

Prices start at $10. Toppings are additional and priced separately.

Photo shows our gluten free crust.

Pizza Crust (included in base price):Gluten Free Crust Regular Crust (Not GF)
Sauce (included in base price):Pesto Sauce Zesty Tomato Pizza Sauce Mustard Sauce Garlic-cilantro Aioli Spicy Cajun Mayo Olive oil
Pizza Toppings - Extra Cheese:Mozzarella Cheese +$1Parmesan Cheese +$1Goat Cheese +$1Swiss Cheese +$1
Pizza Toppings - Proteins:pepperoni +$1.50smoked salmon +$1.50pork +$1.50bacon +$1.50andouille sausage +$1.50hickory ham +$1.50
Pizza Toppings - Veggies:black olives +$1mushrooms +$1red bell pepper +$1green bell pepper +$1Mama Lils' Spicy Red Peppers +$1capers +$1marinated artichoke hearts +$1onions +$1pineapple +$1roasted garlic +$1fresh basil +$1dill pickles +$1
Extra Sauces:Pizza Sauce +$0.50Pesto Sauce +$0.50Mustard Sauce +$0.50Geo's Uyuyuii!! Hot Sauce +$0.50Spicy Cajun Mayo +$0.50Garlic-cilantro Aioli +$0.50

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